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Seller’s Services

Verdura Properties is uniquely qualified to market recreational and timberland tracts in North Florida, Southwest Georgia, and Southeast Alabama.

Foremost, we have close ties with individual and institutional investors, many with large cash reserves earmarked for acquisitions. This includes:

Our goal is to provide professional guidance and strategies to gain broad exposure to the market and expedite a successful sale:

  1. This first involves analyzing the merits of the property, including the timber and bare land values, improvements, and special features.
  2. In addition, we will evaluate sales comparables, determine a likely buyer profile, make a pricing recommendation, and implement a vigorous marketing campaign.
  3. To leverage our efforts, we collaborate with a network of owners, foresters, and real estate professionals.


Buyer’s Services

If you're a Buyer but not finding what you're looking for, either on our website or in other land databases, let us know.

Equipped with an understanding of your property requirements, we'll make you aware of upcoming listings that we have knowledge of. Additionally, utilizing our extensive list of contacts that have been developed over many years, we regularly assist buyers acquire properties that are "off-market". These are properties that are available for purchase but are not being formally marketed.


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